My New Pain Doc’s Appointment

I’m sorry for updating you all so late, but I’ll get to the reason for that in a minute.

So, here’s how it happened. Even though I had only Vicodin for the past month, with the exception of one good dose of Dilaudid from an ER and one Fentanyl patch which fell off somewhere because they didn’t put anything over the top of it.

So I leave feeling pretty good and I get there. I have to wait which is not unusual in a doctor’s office, but finally I saw the nurse who even knew what kind of dog Traveller is as she had two at home guarding her goats! After seeing her, I got to see the PA that works with the doctor. He came in right off the bat and told me two things. The first thing was that they were not able to obtain records from my referring doctor. Her note simply said, “Lupus.” which didn’t really explain everything. They looked at my imaging and saw my spinal stenosis and bulging/disks losing height. Still, they didn’t have any records.

The second thing the PA told me was that with no records and because of the very high doses of opioids they can see that I’ve been taking, they would not be able to prescribe any narcotics unless/until they got some records. I did try to bring records from my last pain doc, but although I requested them on the 27th of August, they never came through claiming they weren’t ready.

After a very thorough exam, the doctor comes in and we had a very honest and good conversation. After a very long talk, about thirty minutes, my dad told me later, that the doctor who had originally started out by saying that he didn’t know if they would be taking me as a patient, had this kind of desperate look on his face like, “How can I help him?”

Then, the doctor started talking about how he didn’t want to “prolong suffering” and so he agreed to give me a box of Fentanyl patches for two weeks at which point I will return and they will hopefully have some records.

Oh, and they do do pumps! The doctor told me that he wanted me to have another SCS trial, since the last doc who did one now hasn’t practiced for quite a while, but that if the trial failed like the one before, he certainly wasn’t opposed to putting in a pump.

So, while I was desperate and scared, I think I presented my case pretty well and Cabot and my dad helped out where I couldn’t. And the doctor knew what kind of dog Traveller was, too.

So, he settled on 300MCG of Fentanyl per hour changing the patches every 72 hours.

So, off I went to the pharmacy to get the scripts filled and then I put on three patches. A couple hours later, it hit me. I’m feeling better now, but with this particular brand of patch, (I’ve had this happen before with these patches), I sometimes become so very nauseated when I first wear them. I have to drink a lot of water, too.

So, I was pretty much drinking water and vomiting all afternoon, which is the reason I didn’t write anyone. I’m going to eat dinner/breakfast/lunch/whatever you want to call it as soon as I hit send. I’ve had nothing to eat since Wednesday night and I’m starving! I could have waited and gotten different patches, “My prescription actually specified Duragesic” but she didn’t have any at the pharmacy and wouldn’t have had to order them and since I had no more Vicodin and my pain was so bad I was fighting unconsciousness, I’ll take what I can get, I decided.

And so, I did. And, here I am.


An Update…

I have an appointment on Thursday with the new pain doctor. I am getting nervous about it and it’s only Sunday!!!

If this doctor doesn’t help me, I really will consider ending my life. I won’t be able to go on like this. So far, the ER has been cool about giving me meds because they know I don’t have a doc and the Vicodin doesn’t last me more than a day or two depending on the strength and the severity of the pain I’m in when I take it, etc…etc… Eventually though they’re going to get tired of treating me. They’re going to tell me to find another pain doctor. I am so scared and so… Afraid? That’s the same thing. I just start to think about it and the anxiety starts to consume me and I don’t know how to get away from it. It’s awful!

On another note, we got the car back on Thursday after the accident we had at the end of August. However, yesterday, while we were out running errands, the battery light came on indicating that the battery wasn’t charging enough. We got home and then… The car died! So now we have no transportation which means that I will have to rely on my other to take me back to ER when I need to go.

She’s already going to be pissed at me because I was supposed to go over to her house to watch a movie and I didn’t get home in time and didn’t call because I wasn’t expecting to be gone so long. I am not looking forward to asking her for help!

That’s all the news from Custisville. 🙂

Part of An E-mail

This was referring to someone who had asked about a website for buying pet food. Here’s the quote from the e-mail:

They have free autoship for a lot of foods, or if not free shipping is very reasonable.


This should actually read:

They have free autoship for a lot of foods, or if not free, shipping is very reasonable.

The person who wrote this certainly isn’t stupid, but this is one of those grammatical errors that puts it in the category I have placed it in.


So my nose started bleeding and it bled for a little over two-and-a-half hours. It wouldn’t stop so I went to the hospital so I could get some idea as to why I was bleeding. I also had a sudden spike in my pain. The doctor was an ass. He wouldn’t examine me. Wouldn’t order lab tests to check my platelets…wouldn’t do anything. I left and my nose had started bleeding again. They discharged me anyway.

I had to go to another hospital and I was given something to clot my blood because my platelets were low. I was also given platelets.

I have an appointment with a new primary doc on Thursday. I explained to the office staff what was going on and the girl told me that the doc would probably help me with my pain until I could get a doctor.

I am hopeful. Say a prayer for me.

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Car Accident!!!

On the way to pick up yet another service dog candidate to try, this one might actually be a winner folks, so idiot was driving drunk and stopped really suddenly about six times. The seventh time, we hit him.

Total damage? One very hot dog, two very hot people, one damaged radiator, one damaged fan belt and a damaged air conditioner. So much for going on a road trip.

Custis Lee